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Friday, February 26

Goodbye, Job

Today is my last day at my job. That makes this 3 month stint the shortest time I've ever held a job (well, except for the little pizza joint I worked at for 3 days when I was 18). I knew early on that this job wasn't for me, and my boss and I had a long discussion last week about it. We disagree on "why" things didn't work out, but we both agree it isn't working out.

This is selfish to admit, but the only reason I did not quit sooner is because it was an easy paycheck. I wasn't making much, but I basically drove around all day the last few weeks "cold calling." That's where my boss and I disagree. I consider the service I am selling a "complex sale" aka one built on establishing credibility, building trust and creating a moat around what normally is a commodity (computer support). My boss, who has never been in sales, thought I would be able to bring in new business by doing door-to-door, unannounced and without doing any homework, asking to speak with "the owner".

I consider myself a decent salesperson because I trained under a super mentor. At this job, I just wasn't given the flexibility to do things the way I was taught. This isn't the end of the world. Since I've been expecting this, I am financially prepared. More about that later...

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