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Friday, May 28

Back to Reality

We made it home safely yesterday afternoon. The cruise was absolutely what I needed as far as getting away from the daily grind and rejuvenating myself. Believe it or not, I exercised every single day on the cruise. Unfortunately, I'm sure I more than compensated for the calories burned by overeating. Now I remember why I avoid buffets like the plague. I fall weak every time I run across free food.

Today I'll be doing some gas station mystery shops that I had selected weeks ago. It will take a few days to build back up my routine. It would be easy to be lazy and just enjoy a few more days of doing nothing, but I won't let myself get caught up in that routine. The best cure for this is to just get up and get to it.

This weekend I will sort out my receipts from the cruise and by Monday I will post what I spent. I suspect I went over budget on the cruise, but we shall see.

Have a super weekend. See you back on Monday.

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