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Friday, May 14

My Frugal Miser - Misers Don't Pay to Park

I had a doctor's appointment the other day. My back had been hurting for a couple weeks so I thought I should make sure I wasn't dying. The doctor's office was in a large medical complex/hospital downtown, and there was no free parking at all across the campus. With my back throbbing, it would have been easy to ease into the parking deck adjacent to his building. What's $5, anyway?

Don't get me started.

The complex is surrounded on the south side by residential streets. I started to wonder, "What harm is there in walking a couple blocks?" Actually, it's probably better for my health, not to mention my wallet.

When I attended the Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha, I could have followed everyone else into the massive parking complex next to the Qwest Center. But then I got to thinking, "What would Warren do?" I doubt he'd shell out $8 to park when a perfectly good free space was available three blocks away on the street.

Why pay for parking? Unless you live in New York City or one of the few other places where there really are not other options, you should consider what else you could use that money for. Besides, getting a little extra exercise never hurt anyone, either.

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