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Wednesday, May 26

How I'm Doing on My Food Budget

In Eating Like a Frugal Miser I said my goal for 2010 was to average $5 per day for food. In 2009, I spent $3,992 ($10.94 per day) on food. And from 1/1/2009 to 5/25/2009, I spent $2,021 ($13.94 per day) on food.

Isn't that crazy? But those were the heady days of full-time employment as an Account Executive selling software. Food was therapy. Stress-filled days were made less stressful when I took a $12 lunch or met co-workers after work for a drink or two. Besides that, I was only doing the occasional mystery shop, nothing serious.

So far in 2010, I have spent $745 ($5.14 per day) on food. Year-to-date, I have spent $1,276 less on food, and I am very close to my $5 per day goal. I have mystery shopping to thank for the majority of the savings, plus the fact I don't do lunch with co-workers anymore.

I will reach my food goal this year.

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