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Sunday, May 9

May Goals

May should be an okay month, but it won't be as good as March or April because I have a vacant rental property and I am taking a vacation, which means one less week of income.

May Goals:
  • earn $2,500 from mystery shopping (last month I earned $3,470)
  • reduce credit card debt and car loan to $43,000 (4/30/2010: $47,757)
  • have a fun, relaxing cruise later this month
I'm working to really simplify this. Since the beginning of the year I removed my food and gas spending goal because I've been tracking pretty close to those every month.

Furthermore, I decided to combine my credit card and car loan debt to one line item. Sometimes it makes more sense to pay down my car loan with my extra cash since the rate is 5.9%, higher than the roughly 4% on a special rate-for-life balance on my largest credit card.

Finally, I set a goal that can't be measured by numbers, which is to enjoy myself on my cruise. I've never had much of a work-life balance, even though at my old job, my boss always reminded me on my semi-annual evaluations that I needed more balance. With a cruise I am less likely to be tethered to phone and email than the traditional vacation.

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  1. Wow how do I get the 4% rate for life credit card? I like to transfer a large balance, its my only one!