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Tuesday, May 11

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

May 2nd - May 8th...

By choice, last week was okay but nothing to brag about. I earned $611 in fees and $345 in reimbursements, which included one night in a hotel and a nice lunch the next day.

I began my journey home from Omaha. I visited 5 gas stations and a truck stop. The nice part about this was my gas for the day (I drove about 650 miles) was free.

I traveled home from St. Louis. There wasn't much that I found appealing but I did shop 3 gas stations. I did have a small amount (about $20) of out of pocket expense for gas on the way home.

Busy day: I took a 180 mile road trip to visit a gas station and 2 retailers. Before heading out I shopped a fast food place for breakfast and 5 gas stations. Back home I did two merchandising shops. Then I earned $50 cutting a friends lawn, came home and cut my yard. A good day as far as earnings were concerned, but I was exhausted.

This was my highest earning day but it was relatively easy. I completed 14 merchandising assignments and 2 pizza shops. For dinner my partner and I enjoyed a reimbursement-only alcohol compliance shop.

We took a little road trip today. Before heading out I did 3 merchandising assignments. We spent the night in Atlanta. Our hotel was free, which included dinner and drinks as well as breakfast.

I didn't earn anything in fees. We checked out of the hotel and enjoyed a free lunch at an upscale restaurant near downtown Atlanta. Then we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to check out the new canopy walk, which opened the week before.

I shopped another truck stop.

It was a decent week but I didn't make enough to meet my May goal of earning $2,500 mystery shopping. I'll have to take things up a notch this week.

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