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Tuesday, May 25

Mystery Shopping as a Full Time Job

Unless I find a source for free Internet access on this cruise, this week I'll be looking back at some of my favorite entries from My Frugal Miser.

In Making Money Mystery Shopping: Can it be a Full Time Job?, I noted that in March I expected to earn more than $2,000 from mystery shopping. I ended up making close to $3,300 then. Better still, I made over $3,600 in April. So far this year I have earned over $11,000 in fee and $4,000 in reimbursements (gas for my car, fuel for my stomach, along with the occasional useless trinket, but still...).

As far as I'm concerned, mystery shopping can replace traditional employment. Just the other night I was talking with someone about the Independent Mystery Shoppers' Conference and she mentioned how lucrative video shopping can be. That's something I'll have to look into next.


  1. Hi! I was wondering if you have any tips on saving gas while mystery shopping?

  2. @jenshoppes - The best tip is to shop some gas stations to get your gas free. I keep eight 5 gallon gas cans in my garage and when new shops are released that I like, I load up on gas. Other than that I drive a compact car (Toyota Corolla) and practice some hypermiling strategies - coasting to red lights, obeying speed limits (usually), and riding downhill in neutral instead of drive.

  3. Wow! I consider myself fortunate to make that much in a year! I obviously need to sign up for more ms companies.

    1. It helps to sign up for as many companies as you can. Just don't burn out on it. Slow and steady is a good formula for success. :)

  4. Hi, I'm presently working with Go4customer, a call center company in India. Can you recommend me some best way to save money from my monthly earning

    1. Start at the beginning of my blog, in 2009, and read a little each day. You'll figure out how to save money that way.

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