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Thursday, May 20

My Frugal Miser - How a Frugal Miser Prepares for Vacation

Last night it dawned on me that I might be taking things to an extreme. Tomorrow morning my partner and I fly to Tampa for our cruise. Here's how I go about preparing for an extended trip:
  • Laundry. We normally do laundry every weekend. I convinced my partner we should wait a few days and get it all done right before we leave. That way there's no dirty laundry waiting for us when we return. How is that frugal? We're still doing just three loads of laundry, but squeezed an extra three days of dirty clothes into the wash. Another way to look at it is, we aren't doing laundry this weekend, so that's three loads of laundry we won't have to do.
  • Dishes. Same here. Though I had to get pretty creative in order to squeeze everything in, I managed to go over a week without running the dishwasher.
  • Unplugging EVERYTHING. Good excuse for cleaning behind the stove. Yes, even the stove is unplugged. All those energy vampires have been banished from this house. In addition to the stove, the alarm clock, TV, and all other electronics have been unplugged from the wall.
The A/C is also off, but it's been off. It takes more than a 90 degree day to get me to turn on the air conditioning. So far this year we've only used it twice, and just long enough to cool things off before going to bed.

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