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Monday, May 24

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

May 16th - May 22nd...

I really took things up a notch early in the week to compensate for being on vacation at the end of the week. I earned $659 in fees and $151 in reimbursements. This was my best week in May, and I did it in just 5 days.

I did 15 merchandising shops and four gas stations. A real marathon of a day: I drove 283 miles.

Another full day. I finished three merchandising audits (9+ hours), 3 gas stations, one fast food restaurant and took a test drive of a luxury car. The test drives are one of my favorite shops. I've done three of them and really enjoy it.

Another crazy day. Two merchandising jobs (over 6 hours), 2 restaurants, 9 gas stations and one clothing store.

Not as busy, but I still earned $118 today. I shopped three restaurants, one truck stop, one self-storage facility, and one jewelry store. It's fun trying on $3,900 watches...takes the edge off those occasional urges I have to spend money foolishly.

Originally I planned NOT to do any shops today, but couldn't resist the urge. I ended up shopping two restaurants and three office supply stores.

Day one of our vacation. No shops.

Day two of our vacation. Nothing.

It was a decent week but unless I work miracles when I return on the 29th, I won't reach my $2,500 goal for May.

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