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Saturday, May 8

Reviewing my April Goals

April was a great month, financially speaking.

April Goals:
  • I earned $3,470 from mystery shopping. My goal was to earn $3,000.
  • I spent $120 on food. My goal was $150 ($5 per day, 30 days).
  • I reduced credit card debt to $32,136. My goal was $28,000. But see note below.
  • I reduced my car loan to $15,621. My goal was $16,000.
I achieved 3 of my 4 goals and consider it a great month. I would have achieved my credit card goal except 1) I bought $3,500 of $1 coins from the U.S. Mint to earn hotel reward points and 2) I paid extra on my car instead because it has a higher interest rate.

When I post my May goals, I will simplify them once again. I'm really trying to get to the essence of what short term goals are important and do away with the less meaningful noise such as reporting monthly gas or food goals.

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