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Saturday, May 1

Mystery Shopping Along the Way

Thought I would post an update from Omaha. One of the reasons I decided to drive instead of fly this year is because I wanted to see how much mystery shopping I could do along the way.
  • Thursday: Before leaving town, I earned $90 doing two restaurants and 4 merchandising assignments. Then I began the long, long drive to St. Louis, my stop for the night. Along the way, I earned an additional $239 by shopping 7 gas stations. Total for the day: $329 in fees and $21 in reimbursements.
  • Friday: I left the Best Western (which, by the way, was NOT a mystery shop. I used one of my gift cards instead) around 8 AM. Made it to Omaha just before 9 PM. En route I shopped 6 gas stations. Total for the day: $220 in fees and $32 in reimbursements.
I don't know if I'll do any mystery shopping today. I'll be at the Qwest Center for the Berkshire Hathaway meeting until early afternoon. I usually go to the Nebraska Furniture Mart in the evening for the cookout. The real opportunity, I hope, will be along my route home. I'm staying at the same hotel in St. Louis again and will get home sometime Monday. My hope is that some April shops that were not completed will have really big bonuses on them... that's what I shopped along the way and it looks like there is plenty of opportunity still, especially in rural Iowa.


  1. Mystery shopping is one of those things I have wondered about. I'm so glad you are writing about it. I have a lot of retail experience and your information gives me another type of work to consider. Thank you.

  2. Working poor... thanks for reading my blog! All it takes is a little ambition and persistence and you can make some real money mystery shopping. Don't get frustrated at first if things are slow - that's why persistence is so important.