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Wednesday, August 25

Cutting the Electric Bill - August Bill

In August I was an electricity glutton. In June I set a goal of reducing my electric usage by 20% over the next 6 months. I just received my August bill, and it's ugly.

My August 2010 usage was almost twice the amount from August 2009. This is the second consecutive month where I failed to reduce my usage. It isn't that I did not try. My thermostat is set to 80 and is turned off completely when no one is home.

For my August power bill, I used 582 kWh of electricity, and my bill was $77.55. In August, 2009 I used 314 kWh ($51.82). What happened? Last August was my last full month at the corporate sales job, and I know I did some traveling that month. My gut tells me the weather was cooler as well.

Here's the September goal: In 2009 I used 290 kWh, so to "make the month" I need to reduce usage to 232 kWh, or just under 8 kWh per day... that's a challenge!

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