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Monday, August 16

Live from Las Vegas... Update #2 (IMSC Conference)

I'm not staying at the Suncoast during the conference. One might argue that snagging such a nice room at $39 per night would be a bargain too good to resist. Unfortunately there's this side of me that always has to get a better bargain than everyone else. I'm staying at Arizona Charlie's Boulder Highway, for $17 a night. True, it's not a posh playground for the rich and famous (but I guess Suncoast isn't quite that, right?). Okay, okay, let's be honest. It's a little rough.

The Good
  • It's a suite, and it's huge. Probably 600 square feet or so. There are two rooms, each with a TV, a walk-in closet and a kitchen table.
  • The bathroom amenities are nicer than I expected. They don't have the cool massaging soap bar like you get at the Hyatt, but they also don't have the little Motel 6 bars that are hold to hold onto.
The Bad
  • The room didn't pass my "white sock" test. Rather than gross you out, I'll let your imagination run wild on this one.
  • The shower's base makes this scary creaking sound as you bathe. I imagine a bunch of rotted wooden beams beneath me exhaling their last breath, waiting to plunge me 10 feet into the room below.
The Ugly
  • Actually, there's nothing too scary. I did see what I assume was a male prostitute dressed like a woman hanging out in front of the hotel. He didn't ask me if I was looking "for business" so maybe it was his off day.

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