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Monday, August 30

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

August 22nd - August 28th...

Last week started out great... after Sunday, anyway. Monday-Thursday I made decent money and didn't have to do too many shops since many of them came with bonuses. For example, I did two easy gas station shops and made $50 plus $12 in reimbursements.

Unfortunately, Friday and Saturday were really slow. Being the end of the month, I usually pick up a handful of shops with decent bonuses. On Friday I only completed two shops, but that was fine. My partner is off on Friday's so we went to the state park and went hiking, then to the Botanical Gardens. It was a fun day. Saturday, on the other hand, I only completed one shop. This did give me the chance to catch up on things. I went to the house I am selling and cut the grass and tended to the flowers. I also repaired a plumbing issue one of my tenants was having. It's always fulfilling to repair something myself and avoid calling a repairman.

I earned $472 in fees and $222 in reimbursements. This week should be okay, but not stellar. I have several gas stations already lined up and a couple other mystery shops.


  1. $472 in a week sounds pretty good to me. The last couple months I have decided to be pickier about what mystery shops I do and it hasn't decreased my earnings too much. I was able to pick up a couple of $40 fast food shops this weekend. They were each about an hour away though. Probably could have gotten $50 for them. I'm hoping they will remember me again at the end of September.

  2. I have a real newbie question. I just started mystery shopping a couple months ago and because I live in a relatively small town and haven't signed up with more than a few services, I've done only a few shops so far. The very first one I did was mid-July. In my shop log, it was marked "Paid 8/16" (exactly one month after the shop) but now, two weeks after the paid date, I still haven't seen a check or a paypal payment (a paypal account was required to do the shop, so I sort of thought that might mean I'd get paid that way)... Do you find, in general, there to be a 2- or more-week lag after payment before you actually get paid? I know I'm asking without giving ANY details, but I emailed the company and asked them and haven't gotten any reply. I just wondered if more than a month from the shop and maybe two months out from the shop is what I should learn to expect. Thanks!

  3. Andy - $40 per shop is outstanding for fast food. I think you may be talking about the place with the arches. It's not worth my time at the $7.50 rate (particularly since we are limited to 6 per month total) but by the end of the month I usually can get 5-6 at $20-$30 each... never gotten $40 though. Nice!

    I'm So Pretty - generally, if the site says "Paid", that's either the day your Paypal money was emailed or the check was sent out. I think there may be one or two companies that change the status to "paid" but then sit on the check for a while. Can you tell me which company this was through? Email me if you don't want to list it on the site. I'll have a better answer for you if I know which company you are dealing with.