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Wednesday, August 18

Live from Las Vegas... Final Update

Farewell IMSC Conference, and farewell to Vegas. I'm waiting for my flight to depart now. Things didn't go as planned as far as keeping the site updated while I was here. I couldn't find a free wireless area close enough to post.

Needless to say it was a blast, particularly the networking with other shoppers as well as reps from the companies I shop (or, even better, the companies I now plan to shop!). I had a great time and learned a thing or two. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky at the blackjack tables. Let's not go there!


  1. Hope you can post about all the fun things you did there! I didn't even know there *was* a mystery shoppers convention. I just started so maybe next year, but I always loved going to business conventions in Las Vegas :)

  2. The conferance was awesum I was able to meet Jon. way cool guy. Jon, I am not able to find you on facebook. Can you find me. Jeff The geek or jeff Augason.
    I am planning on going to orlando in may to the 3rd ICMS conferance. hope to hear from you.

  3. I know you get asked all the time about getting started as a mystery shopper, so I won't ask you here. But, do you have a guide or something that I can consult?

  4. KNS... one of the best sources if you're getting started is They have a forums section where other mystery shoppers share their experiences with different companies. I met Ray Sola, the founder of Volition, last week in Vegas. Seems like a nice guy.