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Friday, August 6

Reviewing my July Goals

I did well in July even though I only achieved one of my three goals. I made solid progress on the other two goals.

July Goals:

  • I earned $3,085 from mystery shopping. My goal was to earn $3,000.
  • I ended the month with my credit card debt and car loan balance at $39,064. My goal was $38,000.
  • I finished 90% of the rehab work for the rental property I am selling, and after this week it will be listed for sell. The only work I did not get done in July was installing new carpet, which was intentional. I realized later in the month that I should "spend" the carpet money in August to help me reach a spending goal on my Discover card that will earn me a $500 reward. Since I easily covered the spending requirement in July, I decided to push this expense into August.
Even though I only achieved one of the three goals I set for July, I am happy with my progress. For example, I reduced my credit card and car loan balance by more than $3,000 in June and by about $19,000 since the beginning of the year.

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