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Monday, August 16

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

August 8th - August 14th...

Greetings from Las Vegas! This week I am attending the IMSC (mystery shoppers' conference) in Las Vegas. I am leading a round table on Tuesday morning about incorporating frugal habits in your mystery shopping adventures. Unfortunately, I won't be able to shop while I'm here: Nevada requires shoppers to be employees (versus contractors) and the companies to have some sort of private detective license.

Last week was going great until Saturday. Somehow my phone and I got separated. I'm pretty sure it was taken from me but not sure how. I was exhausted at the time from a long day of audits and imagine I got careless and either left the car unlocked while I was doing an audit or might have laid it down on the counter and forgot about it. Lesson learned.

I earned $746 in fees and $154 in fees and $402 in reimbursements. The largest portion of the reimbursement was a hotel I shopped Thursday night. I love earning points towards free hotels while doing a little work. The fees mostly came from auditing gas stations. I picked up a last minute bonused route in another town Saturday, plus several other regular pay audits closer to home. I did a few restaurants including a reimbursement-only steakhouse. All in all it was a satisfying week.

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