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Monday, August 9

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

August 1st - August 7th...

Last week was okay but a little slow by choice. On Thursday I went to Tunica to hang out with a friend from Pennsylvania... no worries, I only lost $20 and my dinner was free. I also finally listed the house for sale. I spent a lot of time at that house getting it ready for its Glamor Shots aka MLS listing. Other than an amateur paint job, I'm happy with the work I did getting it ready to sell. Now let's see how fast I can get it sold!

Last week I earned $419 in fees and $290 in reimbursements from shopping and merchandising.
  • I did my first "extensive" business verification. This required me to use a surveyor's wheel and take a number of photos (I took 83 in all). I was at the property for an hour and the paperwork took an hour. I was paid $50 for the job.
  • I did several July carryover shops that had really nice bonuses. For example, I completed a fast food job for $25 (normally pays $8), a gas station audit for $50 ($10), and a retail shop for $50 which normally pays $5.
  • I shopped several reimbursement-only gas stations. Now I have about 20 gallons of gas in reserve for later.
This week looks good. I have several gas station audits and merchandising jobs lined up - probably enough for 3 full days. I'm also shopping a reimbursement only hotel. It's a local hotel so I'm really shopping it for the loyalty points as I work towards my next (as yet unplanned) vacation.

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